Thursday, August 18, 2011

chasing snakes - and cooking lunch!

Samuel and his cousin Jan-Hendrik recently helped clear a patch of land to plant artichokes and they had fun catching (non poisonous) snakes! 

We hope to treat you with lots of home grown goodness at our first open day:

Lunch of origin Swartland

We would like to invite all food and wine lovers  to our first ever OPEN DAY - a Sunday lunch on Kalmoesfontein farm, home of AA Badenhorst Family Wines.

SUNDAY LUNCH, 2 October 2011, for friends, family and even children. Ja, they can come too - we will provide a little muddy dam for them to frolic in after chasing the farm chickens. Mud is easier to clean off car seats than ice cream...

We plan to put on a most amazing lunch – my mother Judy and I will do the cooking - you just have to eat and drink and make merry (and try to keep the conversation interesting and intelligent, if you want, but the other extreme is also ok.)

The Swartland will look incredible then and from where you will sit the vistas of ripening wheat fields and budding vines is unsurpassed.

Most of the ingredients will be sourced from our farm and our neighbouring farms. These friends grow wonderful chickens, ducks, lamb and vegetables. The tastes will be fresh and alive.

The menu will be something like this (depending on available ingredients)
Salad green - baby butter lettuce with salsa verde dressing (the anchovies are not from here though)
Quiches – the way quiches should really look and taste! Vegetarian delight!
Homemade bread - from locally grown and ground flour
Pickles galore – from my mom, a woman who pickles everything in sight
Big juicy free range chickens - served whole on fresh roasted vegetables and potatoes/patats.
(So we need carvers, we will provide the right tools all you have to do is cut and share.)
 Desserts will be homemade ice cream and rhubarb from the garden.

Leaf tea and coffee from our cellar espresso maching for those that want otherwise some very special sweet wine or sherry.

The wines to pair will include- the Secateurs Rose, Chenin Blanc and Red Blend and the AA Badenhorst White and Red Blends plus some other cellar-only specials (we will dig into Cornelia’s drinking stock while she's not looking...)

The 5Ws & H:
Who: Your Host, Andre Adriaan (Adi) Badenhorst [Family Wines]
What: Farm Fresh Sunday Roast
When: Sunday October 2nd, 2011 – 12.30 for 13.00
Where: Kalmoesfontein, Paardeberg, Swartland (map to be supplied)
Why: Cause we want to share the goodness of the Swartland with you!
How: If you are interested, mail us ( and we will send you banking and booking details.

The cost will be R250/person and R50/child and we will have a farm stall style shop where you can buy wonderful produce from the area (so bring some cash and a basket).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh Swartland my Swartland...

A few photos from a recent visit to the farm:

 Above and below: Tiny quails being raised under a light, and in Samuel's 5 year old hand, to show the size.

 Ana admiring her Dad's quails.
 Chicken egg vs quail egg.
 Swartland vistas, August 2011.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Adi's Eurotrip Winter 2011

A few photos from Adi's recent trip to Europe has surfaced. Here are a few:
Picture taken at Rock Werchter concert outside Brussels - one of these guys is Peter de Leeuw our Belgium agent...
Guess which one..?
Fernando is a mean cook and exceptional musician.
"He cooked the best chicken I have ever had" - simple roast, some coconut milk and spices - wonderful with our Family Red blend!

More pictures in the album "The Adventures of Adi, Winter 2011" on our Facebook page.