Friday, June 18, 2010

Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Now my German isn't that great, my best friend is very proud of his German roots and during our first year of varsity when we live together I had to listen to a lot of "teach yourself German" CDs, and while I would be able to ask when the next train is leaving or where to get a good Weiss beer, this article in the German Gala magazine is a little over my head.
But it MUST be good, why would they feature the AA Badenhorst Family Wine Red Blend in their pick of South African wines if they didnt LOVE it.

I hope you understand, otherwise just look at the pictures, and support ze Germans today as they take on Serbia in their Group D World Cup match with a glass of our finest. Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles...

Das is gut ja! Prost.

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