Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"loosely translated..."

Our wines recently got reviewed by Belgium wine expert Frank Van der Auwera. Using my Afrikaans to try interpret and translate, it all sounds like lovely praise to me...

I get: 
'Rebel of the Cape' (sounds about right hey Adi)
'He is a non-conformist by nature, but a super talent in the wine world, Adi Badenhorst, Swartland revelation.'
'The label might seem kitsch (hmmm...) but what you get in the glass is refreshingly up-to-date...' (on the Badenhorst White Blend 2007 vintage)
'The 38 year old Badenhorst is seen as a big renewer of the Cape...'

If your Belgium -Dutch is better than mine, here are some extracts from the article.

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