Friday, July 15, 2011

Peaking in on the Swartland

American wine enthusiast and author of Wine-Zag, Adam Japko recently visited the Swartland in an attempt to get to know the region and the wines up close and personal. 
He has been infatuated with our piece of valley "ever since tasting a bottle of Sadie Family Vineyards’ Palladius more than a year ago. " 

He believes "Most importantly, an overwhelming majority of Swartland wines I tasted deserve regular appearances in all serious wine enthusiasts’ drinking regimens."

He stayed in the cottage on Kalmoesfontein and starts his feedback of the Swartland with some flattery for Adi:

"While Adi is just one piece of the Swartland winemaker fabric, joined by the likes of David Sadie, Eben Sadie, Chris Mullineux, and Craig Hawkins, he epitomizes the thumb to the nose, do it “my way”, pioneering, radical but humble, and unconventional attitude fueling one of the most significant modern day regional winemaking upheavals."

Read the whole post and see the videos (in which Adi proclaims: "Honestly I would rather eat my toenails and watch a Jerry Springer omnibus than drink a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.")

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